Turnkey solution for studio videos

With your own Webclip2go studio you can record videos both easy and fast, with no need for editing! Produce many videos per day in four easy steps:

1. Think of format

2. Create template

3. Record videos

4. Upload!

How our concept works
Working with a greenscreen

An integrated video production system

WebClip2Go is a complete and integrated video production system that replaces conventional equipment, the crew and (possibly the most expensive production factor) editing!

Produce clips like the one above on your own! As presenter! No need for anyone else for your video production. Full training on our system takes just two hours for a novice user. And if you’re already a pro? It takes the same two hours, but you have the benefit of continuing to use your existing gear, like cameras, light, microphones, the lot. Just replace your production equipment like the production switcher, the NLE, the audio mixer and you’re on your way.

This system even goes as far as being able to create a hybrid system, i.e. your full studio with all the gear and add WebClip2Go for a much easier and faster workflow. Video production truly made easier and much more cost effective. Curious? Contact us!

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Europe: +31 (318) 550716
E-MAIL: info@webclip2go.com

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