Reduced spending, communicate more effectively!

How to keep 1.000 people facing the right way? That used to be easy with a monthly news letter. And then a weekly issue. But who bothers to read text nowadays? Your employees quickly skip a long e-mail and your message is lost in cyberspace. Along with all the unnecessary mails that arrive non-stop. Too bad. Is there a solution? How about video!

Use video for your communication and marketing
If you need to align your workforce in the right direction, video might just be the solution for you. I can hear you think: but the costs involved, and the time it takes, right? Not with WebClip2Go. With this system you easily produce dozens of videos per day and all you need is a talent in front of the camera. No crew, no editing. Create a professional video for every important message in minutes. Walk into your studio and hit record. That’s right, WebClip2Go will operate the lights for you. A system that anyone can operate. Too good to be true? Contact us for a demo and we’ll show you the beauty and simplicity of WebClip2Go. And you won’t break the bank as the system is very affordable.