Higher conversion, fewer retours!

Recognize this? You sell a shirt online and the customer tries it on. It’s not quite the shirt the customer imagined looking at the pictures. The quality is as expected, but the shirt looks much nicer on the mannequin. True, because the photoshopped images reflect an illusion of reality. Disappointed the customer returns the shirt. Too bad for the customer and too bad for you. You didn’t manage the customer’s expectations correctly. And as a result, you suffer as the shirt needs to be inspected, possibly cleaned and repackaged to be sold again. Or worse, maybe even sold at a discount. Why not use video and show clothes on a live model? And manage the customer’s expectation correctly? With higher conversion and fewer returns as result, since customers who receive what they expect, will not return the goods.

With WebClip2Go you create catwalk videos fast and simple. And while the video is recorded, WebClip2Go can take pictures in any resolution from any angle. Two birds with one stone! All footage and images in a single, automated workflow.

You may think this is only available to the happy few. Huge investment, complex to operate and very time consuming. Not WebClip2Go! With this affordable system, you create hundreds of videos per day and thousands of pictures. All you need are the models to walk the catwalk. At the moment the model walks off the catwalk, the video and the pictures are done. No crew, no editing. Not satisfied with the video? Just walk over the catwalk again and a new video is ready. Prepare yourself, you will need the employees handling the returns in the shipping department. Sounds too good to be true? Contact us for a demo and we’ll show you.