Less effort, better service!

I’m sure you recognize this. You issue a new release of your software including a nice and tidy PDF document thoroughly describing the new features and changes. Well documented, you release later than you had hoped for as the documentation takes a lot of time and effort. And yet, your customers drive your call center into overtime with questions about the new features and changes. Couldn’t this be more effective, you think? WebClip2Go is the solution!

Instruction videos
How great would it be not having to compose endless documents, but simply record a video while explaining the new feature? And share this video with your users? The user, who can watch the video day and night, at his or her own leisure at a time it suits them best? You save tons of time and therefor money while offering the users 24/7 support. Thanks to video.

Simple to produce videos
With WebClip2Go you easily makes dozens of videos per day, even hundreds. Decide how you want to explain your features and design a template. Then use the template numerous times to create the various explainer videos. The only thing left to do is to upload the video. All without editing or rendering, because WebClip2Go does it all for you. On the fly, in real time.

You’d like to know what advantages WebClip2Go can offer your organisation? Contact us for a demo and we’ll gladly explain!