Higher conversion, fewer retours!

Video increases conversion
Conversion and returns, the two factors that make the difference in online retail. Marketing studies show that the use of video can increase the conversion with a staggering 144%! But the expenses… how to get a return on investment on the use of video is a serious challenge. WebClip2Go is the solution!

Cost effective video production without editing
With this system you can produce dozens of videos per day, without a crew and without editing. This reduces the cost with a whoppy 80 to 90%! And by using video, you are managing the customer’s expectation. You start selling again! Not offering the customer a portal to buy something, but enter their own comfort zone and start selling! Your talent is the sales person and he/she does the sales pitch once in front of a camera. And then the sales pitch is available 24/7. Imagine having a sales force working day and night without a single complaint, never a bad day, never getting tired. At no additional charge! Oh, did I mention there’s no editing? Design a format, build a template and start recording. As many videos as you need. And after recording, just start uploading.

Curious how this is even possible? Contact us for a demo and we’ll gladly explain.