Fewer drop-outs, higher yield!

Picture todays student… Short span of attention and lots of distractions like social media. And picture this student using technology invented some 600 years ago…reading a book.

Learning by using today’s technology: video!
Nowadays, humans process an amount of information in 6 months that equals a lifetime of information in the middle ages. Ethos 3 research proves that visual content is absorbed some 600.000 times better than plain text! Preparing the next generation geniuses who have to solve the climate puzzle doesn’t work just using books.

Higher yield by using WebClip2Go to produce MOOCS
A natural assumption is that video production is complex, expensive and time consuming. Not with WebClip2Go! With our system, a professor quickly records a mini college which can be shared immediately after recording. Design a format, build the template and start recording. Students learn faster, digest massive amounts of information and remember it! So they can USE it! Fast video production, fast learning, a win-win situation.

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