As a division of Burst Video, WebClip2Go draws on 25+ years of video production In the Broadcast industry. We know how to make content that engages.



By challenging the norms associated with video editing workflows, WebClip2Go is revolutionizing the way we think about video production

Accessible to all

Making videos used to be prohibitively expensive – needing huge equipment, time and knowledge resources. Webclip2Go changes that.

Big results, tiny space

A WebClip2Go studio needs just 6m² space and one custom-built computer to start creating flawless videos.

WebClip2Go created an automated system to simplify video production.

It fits into small spaces and can be learned and used by anybody.

In addition to universities, the system has been discovered by companies that need a fast and easy production of news, video tutorials, product introductions, and  presentations.

A comprehensive system that integrates any tools you need


Professional-grade videos for every day users

The WebClip2Go system is a completely unique approach to the production of presenter-based video content – turning conventional approaches to editing and filming on their head, and allowing non-professional users to create professional-level content.

Essentially, the workflow process associated with traditional production is reversed. An easy-to-use system allows for the creation of professional-level ‘templates’ – including all the transitions, animations, titles, colour grading, sound FX, and animated elements that you would expect.

With these templates set, anybody in the organisation can create a quick and simple video. The creator/presenter (usually one and the same) then simply enters the studio, is prompted to deliver their content according to the sequence they have set and bam – the video is finished. No post-production. No editing. No fuss.

How to create videos


Once the system has been setup and templates created, videos can be produced in as little as 15 minutes


With three configurations, one option is to control WebClip2Go simply by creating a Powerpoint file –  directing the flow of the video and providing the script. This means that absolutely anybody can create a WebClip2Go video, with just an hour of training.


All of the professional-level components you would expect of a ‘presenting to screen’ video are present; chroma-key layering of presenter and background, transitions, titles, effects, audio, cuts. WebClip2Go videos always look slick and polished.

In-house Video Production

Because there is no need for a crew, a huge studio or specialist knowledge, there is practically no limit to who can make use of in-house production. With people consuming more video content than ever, businesses in every market need to be video-savvy if they want to keep up.

White Paper : The Benefits of Video in Education

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WebClip2Go - White Paper - The Benefits of Video in Education

    Automated Video Production

    Professional-grade videos for every day users

    In-house video automation system for education, retail and corporate.

    No need to rent a venue

    No need to hire video/audio professionals



    From PowerPoint to Video

    WebClip2Go sells itself on the fact that ‘if you can create a PowerPoint, you can make a video’.

    Revolutionary approach

    The revolutionary approach of the WebClip2Go system truly provides any user with a level of accessibility to professional video making.

    Many markets, any user

    When it comes to fields like education, retail video (especially online retail), and even corporate productions, it becomes quickly apparent to anybody fortunate enough to get a demo that WebClip2Go is about to shake up the system indefinitely.

    Innovative Thinking in Education

    WebClip2Go is so quick to use, that it’s even feasible to make individual videos answering student questions.

    Key markets

    Education, Retail and Corporate markets benefit from WebClip2Go.

    Five Reasons to Choose WebClip2Go

    WebClip2Go dramatically reduces the costs, time and expertise associated with video production, whilst still creating results that rival that of processes that cost 10x as much.
    When you buy from us, you buy more than a product: you buy our experience, support and expertise.
    Video is the future: increasingly markets engage with much of their lives through online video content: education, entertainment, retail, communication – visual content is key. It’s important not to be left behind.
    WebClip2Go allows just about anyone, anywhere to create a polished video in just 15 minutes.
    The type of ‘Presenter to Camera’ video content that WebClip2Go creates is hugely versatile in its applications: education, online retail, worship, news… the list is endless.


    Produce videos like a pro 10 times faster and cheaper!

    We respond to the increasing need for producing videos

    Maintaining audience interest in an increasingly saturated mediascape means increasing the dynamism and engaging nature of content. Whilst structured and scripted ‘presentation-based’ content retains strong applicability in markets such as education, increasingly audiences seek spontaneous, authentic interactions as their preferred way to access information and entertainment – for instance, in Podcasts, Webinars and online Chat Shows. WebClip2Go builds in all the tools needed to achieve these kinds of productions, with no prior expertise, minimal setup, immediate output and no need for a crew. Any individual or group can create a professional-grade Chat Show in the time it takes to hold a conversation. This has applicability in educational, corporate and even retail settings (with a specific fashion/catwalk orientated automated setup also available), but also increasingly has applicability for amateur content creators who are looking to adopt a more professional and profit-orientated creation mindset.

    PowerPoint video presentations

    PowerPoint-driven production system, which allows for more traditional ‘talking head’ videos to be created.

    This funcionality is ideal in:

    • Education (teachers, lecturers, students)
    • Retail (tutorials, product launches)
    • Corporate Marketing (internal and external presentations)

    Event Recording

    LiveSwitching add-on, which allows presenters/event coordinators to engage in dynamic, unscripted switching between cameras, to add titles and transitions as desired.

    This functionality is mainly used in:

    • Worship (recording religious events)
    • Corporate interviews or seminars

    Interviews and Talk Shows

    Based on AI and voice activation technology, the Automated Chat Show function reacts to who is talking, switching camera or shot type as required.

    Titles and relevant graphics can also be pre-programmed for insertion.

    This functionality responds to the marketing communication needs of multiple markets in need for an automated production of talk shows, webinars and interviews.

    How It Works


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