Automated Video Production Systems

For Education, Retail, Corporate and Fashion Markets

Reduce the costs, space and technical requirements of your video production

Different configurations

All built around the unique, innovative WebClip2Go production workflow which eliminates the need for post-production and makes video production faster and simpler than ever, the WebClip2Go range is available in different configurations, all created to meet the diverse needs of different user groups, across a range of industries and applications.

Fully customisable

But don’t worry, the WebClip2Go system is fully customisable with nearly every functionality available as an optional add-on, regardless of the base configuration chosen. So whatever your need, WebClip2Go is at your service. Just give us a call!

Easy to use and manage all-in-one video production solution

  • The MB Range (including MB-R, MBHD and MB4K)

    The MB range is our baseline offering; but there’s nothing basic about it. Available with a wide range of hardware specs to meet all of your technological requirements – including 4K resolution, the MB range allows for both single presenter, green screen productions, as well as multi-camera chat shows (which benefit even further from some of our various live switching options – both AI and manually operated). 

    Perfect for small corporate organisations and retail/e-tail companies, the MB range offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use way to communicate more effectively with customers.

  • PRO (including PROHD and PRO4K)

    For those that want to take their video productions further with a greater number of video and audio inputs, including external inputs from sources such as Teams, Zoom or Skype. The PRO version maintains all of the intuitive interface of the MB range, allowing users to build their production templates and completely avoid the need for post-production edits, but allows for even more dynamic and complex multi-party videos to be made. 

  • MAX

    Our most powerful system yet, with the ability to integrate and dynamically process up to eight 4K inputs in real-time. The MAX configurations allows multiple video elements to be layered, integrated and transformed with effects and transitions to create creative outputs with stunning visuals.  Ideal for video production companies who are tired of time consuming ‘traditional’ approaches to video production, or large scale corporate communications departments who are seeking to streamline their communications workflows.

  • Presenter and PresenterMAX

    The Presenter configuration makes WebClip2Go even more easy-to-use than ever, with its amazing PowerPoint integration. After templates have been loaded by the coordinator, anybody within the organisation can create a PowerPoint loaded with their desired content, and by labelling PowerPoint slides appropriately, the PPT file actually becomes the instructions for the system: it triggers the pre-set template elements to play out during recording. One PowerPoint delivers your content, your script and your direction.

    Hugely popular with Universities across Europe, even those with no knowledge of video production can be creating videos within 15 minutes – and with PresenterMAX, those videos are delivered in ultra-crisp 4K resolution.

  • Fashion

    Our Fashion configuration takes all of the innovation of the WebClip2Go software, but adds a unique set of hardware that automates the full fashion photography workflow. Incorporating automated catwalk recording with triggers, Canon EOS integration, and 4:4:4 chroma over HDMI to ensure the highest quality stills photography, WebClip2Go allows clothing manufacturers to capture the beauty of their clothing; colour, shape, fit and movement. 

Integrated Features

WebClip2Go is packed full of features to enhance the flexibility, creativity and potential of the system;
an extensive range of professional-grade functionalities, including: 

Teleprompter With Multilingual Speech Recognition And Machine Learning

Powerful Subtitling Integration With Video Platforms

An Extensive Range Of Transitions, Effects And Titles

LUTS And Colour Correction

Comprehensive Audio Controls And The Ability To Customise Video Output To Meet Any Format, Including Instagram Squares

Searchable Content With Metadata Labelling

Kaltura Integration For Education Professionals

Panopto Integration

Each workflow can be enhanced with our range of optional add-ons:

Cough control

A feature imported from professional newscaster studios – cover your coughs and splutters using the cough button to maintain the flow and polish of your video.

In-studio control

In-studio control also allows you to control elements of your production as it unfolds: stop, start, redo, change lighting – whatever you need, it can all be controlled from within the studio as you deliver your content to camera.

Multi-viewer for external source integration

Multi-viewer for live production and Webex/Teams: Video creators who want to add to their production by bringing in external sources can now monitor these as they deliver to camera live, through integration of a Multiviewer.

Live Switching

Using a 6, 15 or 32 button pre-configurable Stream Deck, chat show presenters can programme camera shots, titles, transitions and a range of other functions in order to discretely control the production as it unfolds.

Voice activated and AI PTZ camera control

Alternatively, for a more hands off approach, multi-party productions can be controlled with both voice activation and AI - mixing productions according to defined criteria in order to create a seamless, naturalistic production, making use of the pan, tilt and zoom features of the Canon PTZ range.

DMX control

DMX control allows for external control during the shooting process; for instance, changing studio lighting effects.

For even more impressive productions, users can also integrate a [REC]marker into their configuration.

This allows for external control elements to be baked into the video, triggering auxiliary hardware during playout in order to enhance the presentation. This can include elements such as lighting or physical effects (like smoke machines or revealed displays) to add dynamism and excitement to AV installations.


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