When it comes to fields like education, retail video (especially online retail), and even corporate productions, it becomes quickly apparent to anybody fortunate enough to get a demo that WebClip2Go is about to shake up the system indefinitely. Seeing really is believing.

Jess McMurrayContent Strategist at Xpresso Communications

Quite simply, teachers have found the WebClip2Go system very beneficial for their teaching load. Teachers like the system because it’s incredibly easy for them to use, the production values are exceptionally high, and it delivers a teaching resource that can be used again and again – making for more efficient content delivery.

Michel BeerensHead of the NewMedia Centre at the Delft University of Technology

We are providing educational value in a time of rising tuition fees and social distancing. It is a great tool that will help teachers, professors to continue sharing information in the best way possible. Having your presentation as a background and using simple devices and untangled editing tools are some fundamental solutions nowadays.

Gerrit BultenCEO of WebClip2Go