WebClip2Go Goes Multilingual!

WebClip2Go Goes Multilingual! WebGlip2Go grows with and through the needs of our international customers. Our multilingual capabilities allows us to get closer to our users and their culture by simplifying both the creative and operational workflow. Discover and enjoy our multilingual functionality when creating professional videos!

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How to create lots of videos and avoid waste in Retail

How to create videos and avoid waste in Retail Online retail is a growing market and therefore its communication needs to be clear for a varied and big audience. Have you ever ordered a product and got delivered something that was different from what you thought? In order to avoid misunderstandings, returns and waste, retail…

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How to create videos of your Fashion Shows

How to create videos of your Fashion Shows! Fashion is an additional market our video production solutions are addressing. In addition to fashion shows that debut every season, operators in this sector organize multiple events to present their latest creations to their audience. What about create a video for/about your fashion catwalks and promote your…

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A video automation system for several markets

  A video automation system, a video production studio that meets the needs of several markets. Think of education, retail, fashion, and corporate marketing. Any communication strategy that needs to integrate video production for tutorials, talk shows, video presentations and more, will benefit from this ease-to-use system.    

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Is Video Production Included in your 2023 Marketing Strategy?

Is Video Production Included in your 2023 Marketing Strategy? You might want to consider WebClip2Go. A fully automated studio system allowing the creation of high quality video clips without having to hire a cameraman or a video editor. Easy to use like a mobile phone, yet delivering TV quality. Popular in education and retail, WebClip2Go…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Let’s connect soon! We will help you discover why WebClip2Go is unique. The ‘traditional’ way of creating video is unstructured and time consuming – gathering footage, organising it, selecting it, adjusting it, ordering it, adding effects and then rendering it. WebClip2Go takes away all those unnecessary steps by turning the editing process…

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