Collaboration in the world of WebClip2Go

Collaboration in the world of WebClip2Go In this month’s blog we examine how WebClip2Go’s popularity is beginning to foster an eco-system of likeminded educators who are getting more out of the system then we ever believed possible.   One for all and all for one At WebClip2Go, we’ve observed for a long time that there’s…

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WebClip2Go Adds ‘smooth transition’ Functionality

              WebClip2Go Adds ‘smooth transition’ Functionality   New function increases creative options with no complexity      Press Release Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 30 September 2021   WebClip2Go – an innovative new all-in-one, crewless, studio-based production system that allows even those without any editing know-how to produce professional level…

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Delft University Purchases Fourth WebClip2Go System

    Delft University Purchases Fourth WebClip2Go System   to meet capacity demand and increase access convenience    Press Release Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 10 March, 2021   As Delft University increasingly moves into the delivery of online and remote learning content, it today announces acquisition of a fourth WebClip2Go system. Delft University have been…

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Innovative Thinking in Education

Innovative Thinking in Education Providing educational value in a time of rising tuition fees and social distancing   An age old debate As term begins for universities across Europe, an old debate has now taken on a new dimension. The issue of rising tuition costs has, for many years, raged on – with strong proponents…

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